#KwentongJollibee : Its sweet success in the Social Media

by Ruru Gonzales


This month of February, most of us, especially couples, all over the country, (or even the world) feel that Love is in the air. It’s the love month and majority celebrated their Valentine’s Day last February 14 with their partners or love ones. And it does not only imply to opposite sex relationships.  Even the third sex, meaning the Gay and lesbian couples celebrated this season of love. Flowers, chocolates, balloons, stuffed toys can be seen any everywhere. Restaurants, Parks, Movie houses, Malls, and even Hotels were crowded and fully-booked. The Social Media didn’t missed the season of love and in fact, was being fully-utilized. Posts from various social media accounts were filled up with posts about love and how they’ve spent their valentines with their special someone. As I’ve checked my feed on Facebook and Instagram, I was able to observed and I see that my friends were really expressive with their feelings using Social Media which they can’t really express in a Face-to-Face set up. While the couples were busy and in love with each other, there are those people who celebrated valentines with their friends, families, or alone. They are the single ones or should i say the lonely ones.  Best examples are those people who didn’t have any experience in a relationship in the past (in layman’s term, NBSB/NGSB), people that were afraid to be in a relationship due to heartbreaks or traumatic experiences from their past relationship, people enjoying the privileges of Single Blessedness, and lastly, those people who had been rejected by the people whom they exerted their efforts. There’s a variety of posts of hugots and bitterness circulated all over the Social Media as well. People in the social media arena were filled up with a lot of bittersweet statuses/ quotes and realistic sayings, heartbreaking videos, funny but unhappy memes, and other posts that will not just capture our attention but our emotions as well. During the peak of this valentine craze, Jollibee, a fast food giant in the country, released its #KwentongJollibee Valentine Series which was created and produced by McCann Worldgroup and Straight Shooters Media, Inc. .The first two 2-minute videos ,”Vow” and “Crush” of the said video series was posted on the company’s official Facebook and Youtube accounts last February 9 and break the hearts of its viewers  all over the Philippines.


WATCH:Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: “Vow”

The first video, “Vow” takes the heart of the netizens because of the twist on its main thought that there are people that continue to love without any conditions or expecting anything in return. The video sets false expectations to its viewers that a man is about get married to a woman He has known for years. The leading man is narrating the story while walking in the aisle. They started as strangers ordering the same food at Jollibee and because of that they became curious to each other and eventually became friends. As time goes by, they became stronger and Jollibee has been part of their successful friendship. The leading man, as we can see in the video is exerting efforts or somehow courting the girl. Also while narrating their story; he wants to be the man for her. Then here’s twist, when the woman reached the altar and the man staring at her but the woman is going to marry someone else. The video ended that the man narrating the story was actually the woman’s bestfriend.


WATCH: Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: “Crush”

The second video, “Crush” tells that celebrating the joy of love is also for those people who didn’t give up for love. The second video is about a boy who secretly gives his college crush a Jollibee Yum cheeseburger with a note. The ending reveals that they are together and already have grandchildren.


WATCH: Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: “Date”

The last video posted the next day entitled, “Date” a story of a love that never ends. It will never end even in death. It is about a father instructing his son to prepare him a date with the mother. The son takes the necessary preparation at Jollibee for the said Valentine’s date. When the mother arrives at Jollibee, her son gives her the tablet with the video of his late father. The twist is before the father died, he recorded a video for the mother and entrust his son to be the mother’s date for valentines.

This valentine’s campaign of Jollibee simply addresses that Jollibee has been a part of our lives.  Jollibee has been present in our important life events including valentines. People share awesome memories with Jollibee. A Jollibee store is a place for families, friends, and because of Jollibee, some people even met the love of their life in there. As one of the leading fast food chain of restaurants in the country, Jollibee was able to conquer not just hearts and interests of its local audience but foreign audience as well. After the videos were posted, it became a trend online. As what Jollibee’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and Jollibee Philippines Marketing head, Francis Flores have said, “For nearly four decades now, Jollibee has been a part of Filipinos’ lives, witnessing the most touching of their life stories,”

fb-art.                                 maxresdefault-4

According to reports, #JollibeeCommercial became a trending topic on twitter and to this date, the three videos shared over a total of forty million views, more than 400,000 reactions, and more than 400,000 thousand comments. And with this campaign, the brand was able to gain more awareness and at the same time, lots of customers.

Meanwhile, others created memes in response to these heartbreaking videos:


download-2 c4onznsuyaatswvtravelgoddess2

There’s a Globalist view present when the Jollibee posted those three videos in their social media accounts. In the paper of Ulrika Olausson, “Theorizing Global Media as Global Discourse”, discussed that according to Heinrich, social mediated networks causes the power to reshape our collective identity and to influence its target audience in so many ways. It also emphasizes the ideology of sharing wherein the posting of video in a social media network is not just restricted to the sharing of files but sharing of “ideas or the organization of events towards a common objective”. It is clearly seen that the use of Social Media plays a vital role in Jollibee’s objective, to elevate their brand by means of building an emotional connection to its audience. Jollibee was able to catch people’s attention and make them buy 2 pc. Spicy chicken joy with extra rice and pineapple juice and Jollibee Yum cheese burger. Jollibee targeted everyone to be part of this “celebration of joy”. The capitalist (Jollibee) was able to maintain the control with the use of digital resources that is cheaper and became viral swiftly. The company just posted and after a few hours, everyone was craving for Jollibee products.

#KwentongJollibee Valentines series didn’t actually die, I think until now, there are some people that can’t get over through it. But since this campaign is timely because as I’ve mentioned, this month is a love month, this series are still catchy. But on the succeeding months, who knows? Maybe it’s time for us to move forward. If not now, maybe next month. These videos might have the same fate as the viral videos is the past.

Like this one,

WATCH: Remember this?



















One thought on “#KwentongJollibee : Its sweet success in the Social Media

  1. Hi Ruru!

    Just to share, this was the first thing that came into my mind in regards to our blog assignment! Thank God I changed my topic! :))

    Anyway, Jollibee did a great job during this Valentine’s Day. I’m not really sure though if their ads were shown in television? Like during primetime?

    I saw their videos in Facebook and as per checking, there are still people sharing the videos and talking about it.

    I like how Jollibee showed different kinds of love, whether successful love, or even heartbreaking love. Jollibee knows when to hit the hearts of the people.

    Today, “hugot lines/stories” are trending. Maybe that’s where Jollibee got their idea as people nowadays are more into hugot stories.

    Social media played an important role in the distribution of their viral ads. Just one click away then here! Liked and shared!

    Despite of Jollibee being wise with their ads, nothing really beats the creativity and wittiness of the Filipinos. Memes outburst just a few hours after their ads became viral.

    Their ads even got reactions from foreigners and local stars in our country.

    Jollibee made us realize that it is not always a happy ending though we should still always hope for the best.

    And now I’m craving for 1-pc chicken meal, spicy, thigh part! 🙂

    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person

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