Your pleasure is my mission, babe.

-by Jianne Piguing

Sud, the Filipino Indie rock band known for their songs, “Sila” and “Smilky”, sparked a twitter war last August 2016 because of the allegedly misogynistic PULP cover featuring the band. The shoot involved two women, clad in lingerie and looking like they are going to do something intimate. The theme looked like the band members were the filmmakers and they were going to shoot a lesbian porn. After the band announced that they are in the cover of PULP, it spread through social media and gained different interpretations from this. Some were offended by it, some defended them, and some were neutral. The angered can be felt thru twitter; people were retweeting and answering each other, left and right. I think this trended for about a day and then the topic or issue was stayed in twitter for about three days but did not last for a week.

I remember going to Saguijo to watch them play live and that was around June 2016. The place was packed that night because it was the anniversary of Saguijo, so the lineup was good too. When it was Sud’s time to play, everyone wanted to go inside. They played their most famous song, “Sila”, and then followed by “Profanities”. I was not surprised that everyone there knows the lyrics of the songs and they sang along while they played. The very first song I heard from Sud was “Smilky”. I’m not really meticulous when in comes to the lyrics of a song and since “Sila” is still the most frequent song I hear from them, I did not notice that most of their songs are about sex. I am not a fan; I only liked some of their songs, just “Sila” and “Smilky”.

Spotify link if you want to listen to the songs I mentioned:

Bit background about Sud:-There are currently 7 members

-There are currently 7 members

-Formed in 2011 with only three members

-First formed in the UST Conservatory of Music

-Songs mostly about love and making love

-Frontman is a fro

-Pronounced as “sooood”


Going back to the issue, according to Sud, they have no intention of offending anyone, most especially women and the LGBT. The theme of their shoot was inspired by their own music as per Vernon Go, the publisher of PULP. After PULP released the photo of the band, people were talking about it on twitter and voicing their opinions about it. This was also the time that I started to follow some known people on twitter to get to know their perspective on this issue or what is their take. The twitter war regarding this issue was really interesting because you get to see that everyone has a point, some have loopholes on their points, and some were just really douche bags.

PULP is a Filipino music magazine that has existed since 1999 and PULP has already featured known Filipino bands like Eraserheads, Wolfgang, Parokya Ni Edgar, Dicta License, Kamikazee, Sugarfree, Rivermaya, Sponge Cola, Itchyworms, Tanya Markova, True Faith and Rocksteddy on their covers.

Since Sud said that most of their songs are about and love making and this was the main theme of the controversial shoot. It’s about sex and they just wanted to portray what Sud and their music is all about.

Here are the lyrics of some songs from Sud:


I don’t wanna rush but girl you excite me

Fuck girl you got me saying

Bad words and I ain’t playin’

When I see your ass is on

The floor it turns me on


Damn babe you so fine

And you’re always on my mind

And I’m singing you this song

Saying bad words all night long




You got little bit of sex in you

And that’s all I wanna do

Girl, you’re all I wanna do

Playing harmonies on your skin

Ooh, your silk-like hips

Those conscious lips as sexy as can be


Hold up, let me cool down first

Your warm kiss should quench my thirsty soul

Then I proceed on to the next step, baby

Busy up my hands, you see

We only got you and me

Your words are playful

So let me play it one more time



 you are mine everyday

you make me fall

with every morning you rise

i wanna say this, i plead

i need you so much more than before

like i never had nobody

i wanna be on your skin

by making so much love on this floor

like i never had nobody, body, body…


your shaking thighs

make you sigh

oh i die

just to hear you say fuck me


I wanna say this, I breathe

I need you so much more than before

like I never had nobody

I wanna be on your skin

by making so much love on this floor


Now let’s look at what happened on twitter after the cover photo of Sud in PULP was released:


Some people who condemned the cover photo:

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Tweets that are defending Sud’s cover photo on PULP:

(Tweets from the band members and from PULP)

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Meanwhile, Vernon Go responds to tweets that are against the PULP cover:


He defends the cover and also PULP that it has always been a straightforward magazine.

Vernon Go and his twitter responses to netizens:

@_tapsilog i will be like that to anyone who throws done an insult first review your shit

— Vernon Go (@Vernon_Go) August 3, 2016

@yikesitsgianna once again this is a concept that was band driven and themed on themes they explore in their music unlike for example FHM

— Vernon Go (@Vernon_Go) August 3, 2016

He explained that it was Sud and the magazine’s production team who came up with the concept for the shoot.

@yikesitsgianna the band and production team came up with a concept based on the themes of their music. If you don’t like, don’t listen

— Vernon Go (@Vernon_Go) August 3, 2016

Source: Rappler

And then after everything that happened on twitter, Sud released a statement:


Also, some band members tweeted to apologize:


I think after this day, I did not hear about this topic again. I think this topic was gone after the band admitted that they did something wrong and promised to be better in the future. Although I think this might’ve scarred their image. When you think about it, sometimes you think media or social media is your friend, once you click send and now it’s out there, beware of what’s coming back for you. It’s not always positive, it’s not always negative, it will be a surprise, which this case is actually what makes things interesting when you go online to check news or your social media. things just randomly turn upside-down in an instant. Interesting but also scary at the same time.


I’ve researched if there are other issues of PULP that also has this kind of covers (involving women) and I came across to Scout Magazine’s article. The article talks about the other covers of PULP that was also controversial before Sud’s cover last Aug 2016.


Karl Roy, April 2000


Rivermaya, November 2001


Pepe Smith, April 2004


6 Cycle Mind, March 2006


Abra, September 2013

After Showing you these photos, some might think, “Why make a big fuss about this now?” or “How about FHM?”. I also asked myself these questions because that were the loopholes of this controversial cover of Sud. I feel bad for the band because this was the time when they were the talk of the town. Fans were everywhere and they had gigs all over the province and metro. When the cover photo came out,  I did not know what to feel. In this age of media globalization, we are bombarded with images and not knowing or caring what it actually meant and what harm can it do to people, we take things for granted, we become passive media consumers. We see things as natural like it has always been there. Now, also through the help of media, people are now able to think for themselves and voicing out opinions became easier through social media. After reading people’s reaction on twitter, I felt too, that it was time to put a stop on this. I know that it’s inevitable because some people may deem this to be “art”, in some way or its part of the music industry. If we don’t start changing how we view women or LGBT now, when? People may have different views on this cover or women in general, but… reasons, reasons, reasons.

How about you?

What do you think about this?

Here’s the link to the BTS of the shoot:


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