Chicken Attack in Pop Culture Idiocy

By Alfons Christian


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            Chicken is one of the meats that the human eats in all parts of the world. Everyone knows chicken. Chicken is a harmless animal for human because it has rarely attacked people. People should change this kind of thinking because the chicken has become dangerous since this January 2017 for a certain person. Around 6.3 million people already know this thinking through a new public media called YouTube. This new knowledge was given by Takeo Ischi who fought Narashino Seiryukutsu, a member of the Musashi Ninja Clan, to showing this knowledge. Takeo Ischi proved the knowledge by defeating Narashino Seiryukutsu with a brave chicken. Below this paragraph is the video of the brave chicken.

(P.S: if there is no video just find the video in the link above)

            How marvelous this video is! A chicken transformed into a ninja chicken because of the song of his master to defeat bad people. The master was an old person that many people underestimate him in the first look, but this perspective is gone when the old man threw his chicken and sang an unfamiliar song. After the unfamiliar song ended, the ninja chicken became a chicken again. Finally, the old man was only watching to what happened to the bad person until the end and did nothing, then he gave away his chicken to the ninja. It looks so cool and heroic, but at the same thing, it feels so idiotic. How can this video be an idiotic one? If it is a reality, how easy our life will be! We can just study that unfamiliar song and we can control the nature, especially we can have a prosperous life without worry. Finally, even if it is a fiction, it feels so enjoyable since it is so idiotic.

            The song lyric of chicken attack is describing an old man with the power of nature. The old man claimed that people have to know just by looking if he can bring an end to the bad things. After that the lyric describing how he can defeat the bad things using a chicken. Be ready, the word “chicken” can be found everywhere in this lyric:

Chicken attack

Chicken attack

Watch your back before it fades to black

They might look harmless

But they’ll kick your non-chicken ass

Go chicken go!

Go chicken go!

Now go, now fly

You own the sky

After this refrain part the old man mentions if people will never feel alone with the power of nature,  especially him whom can control nature, and then he sings the refrain again. At the other time, he gives an advice to the ninja if he can use the chicken for the ninja’s two seasons eating. Finally, the refrain is coming back again and now with the extra unfamiliar song in the beginning of the song that called as yodel.

            So, why can this idiotic video take the interest of people in a short time?

            According to Goriunova (2012, 225), the noble craftsmanship of mode of living is called idiocy. The idiocy that uses new media, is transforming the actual self to become another individual or object. It is crafted to become a rubbish that has direct access to truth, but that enquires and stage encounters with the real through its force of insignificant, false and preposterous doings (Goriunova, 2012). Idiocy can happen because of three factors. There are simplicity, humor, and Do It Yourself (DIY) character.


            Simplicity is a certain naivety that allows a non-professional to speak (Goriunova 228). It minimizes and transforms some knowledge in the society to create an absurdity in the creation of idiocy performance.  In this video, there are four things as the naivety. The first is the appearance of the old man, the second is the ninja, the third is the chicken, the last is the yodel.

The Old Man

              Takeo Ischi, the old man in this video, is a man who can control nature in the whole video clip. So the question is: “What is he? Is he a sage, a wizard, a priest, a breeder, a cowboy or a summoner?” In the chicken attack video, he wears a unique costume. He wears a white shirt with a dark brown vest and a gold circle medal in the collar of the shirt. He looks like a cowboy, but the image of the cowboy become blurred because he uses a black cloak. This black cloak creates an image of a wizard. On the other hand, the uniqueness of his costume also improves because when he wears this costume he also brings a chicken. He does not bring a book, a staff, a gun, or a cage. So, what is he?

            There is the other uniqueness when we look the whole scene. The old man with a western cultural style costume in a traditional old wooden house that has Japanese style. Lastly, Takeo Ischi is a Japanese too. So what is the culture of the old man in this video? Japanese? Western people? As the idiocy comes, it will be better if we assume the old man is just a man who can control nature with his unique identity. It is only the simplicity of the anonymous old man in the realm of chicken attack.

The Ninja

              At the beginning of the chicken attack, there is a black ninja. The black ninja comes out from the gate of the house and brings a big bag. It looks like a normal view for a bad ninja in the current popular culture, but this view is already simplifying the actual ninja culture. A ninja is a part of Japan history. A ninja is an anonymous warrior. A ninja has a role of infiltration to observe and deliver an information. The purpose of a ninja is blending in the society without no one’s knowing about his identity as a ninja. So, in the past, ninja just used a farmer cloth or a police cloth to blend in society depends on what mission he or she carry.

            In this video, there is a mystification of ninja. Instead of showing the real ninja costume when blending in, the ninja in this video is using a black costume that also covers his head. The people cannot notice who is him because of this costume. This simplified perception will make people think with a Japanese setting in this video the man who tries to make his act is invisible, is a ninja. This simplification is also shown in the act of the ninja in the beginning. The ninja looked his surroundings to make sure there is no one knowing his appearance.

          The ninja in this video looks so idiotic because the ninja is opposing the basic principle of ninja. He is not blending into society to pursue his goal, but he looks so flashy. He can be easily identified because of his black and closed costume. On the other hand, his goal is not getting a classified information like the real ninja, but steal an item from a common house.

The Chicken

             The main actor in this song is the chicken. Chicken is an animal that human usually eats. A chicken is not a deadly animal to human. In reality, the human is breeding the chicken too with their affection. Chicken is not a dangerous animal that will attack human because of its nature, but there is a time that chicken will attack human. A chicken will attack if it has the breeding period. The chicken will protect their eggs. At the other time, especially for the rooster, it will attack the others when they protect the hen. When the roosters have a crow they will fight the others if the others kick or stamp him.

         The chicken attack in this video actually has many differentiations with the real chicken attack. With the real chicken’s reasonings to attack the others, the white chicken in this video attacks the ninja because of the old man’s power who change the chicken into a chicken ninja. The complex reasoning of a chicken to protect this is simplified by the appearance of a white chicken ninja. This ninja represents justice in this video. This chicken ninja as a protector success to defeat the black ninja who represents bad things. This hyperbolic scene of how the chicken attacks the black ninja is an idiotic fighting scene.

The Yodel

            This video is a movie of a song with the title “Chicken Attack”. The song is a pop song, but there is an unusual song in some parts of the song. The singer sings a random melody that makes the addiction to the audiences. The random melody is called yodel. The yodel is a way to communicate on the mountain in several western countries like Germany, Switzerland, French, Italian, and Roma in the past. According to Nick Tosches notes, the yodel is from the German word “jodeln”, which means literally to utter the sound jo. It is a way to calling in the ancient rural from the herders to their families and/or sheep and cattle in the mountains. This melody can pass through a very long distances because of the dramatic leaps between chest voice and head voice with emphasis placed on the break. The emphasized break can be happened because the voice passes from bass or low chest voice to high head voice or falsetto  and vice versa. The yodel can get an improvisation from the vocalist to release it from the folk constraint. The yodel can evoke both mirth and spirit, both sonic paganism and extraterrestrial blips and bleats, both melancholy and exultation, testaments to its expressive breadth and depth-of-field.

            In the development of yodel, yodel is a voice that expresses the emotion of the singer to the nature. The yodel has also become a part of a festival. In this video, the yodel has a unity with the song not only at the beginning and the ending but also as a melody in the refrain lyric. The same yodel gets a repetition in the refrain until three times. Because of this repetition, the audiences get an addiction to the unfamiliar melody to their memory. The yodel becomes an addiction because the melody is so simple and enjoyable even it is a strange melody for the audiences that do not know about the yodel.

                The yodel in this video, if the audiences do not know where the origin of the yodel they will think it is a mystic melody from Japan as the representative of Asia that sometimes get a relation with a mystical or natural thing. This perception will build an idiocy of what the audiences feel. They think the mystical think come from east culture but ironically yodel is coming from western culture.


             The other element of the chicken attack as a new media idiocy is a humour. The chicken attack has laughter elements as the first element of humour. The lyrics, the story, and the objects are funny. The lyrics are funny because the singer uses the chicken to give an end to the luck of the non-chicken ass and after that, the chicken will fly to own the sky. The funny thing in this lyric is how a chicken can be an unfortunate charm to other people and then it will fly to own the sky. A chicken cannot fly since the beginning, so how will the chicken own the sky? After that, in the story of the chicken attack, there is a scene where the old man gives his chicken to the ninja. The old man wants the ninja to live his life using the chicken as the ninja’s meal. But this act is being canceled because someone needs help from the old man, the old man takes away the chicken and changes it into a chicken ninja again to save other people. The funny of the lyrics and the story are emphasized by the objects too. The objects of this song are the old man, the black ninja, and the chicken or the ninja chicken in the traditional Japan house. They are funny because in modern day they still have a fight setting that looks so traditional. On the contrary, the fight also looks so magically with the chicken transform into a ninja too. The last funny thing from the objects is the meetup scene of the old man and the ninja that looks like a parent-children fight. It is a fight, but it is not a deadly fight.

            Next, the second element of humour is vital joy. The charisma of the singer is joyous. In the beginning, the singer who also the old man, looks so serious when faces the ninja. He gives an interpretation that he will fight fairly to the ninja, but his chicken substitutes him to fight the ninja. The climax of the fun is happening when the ninja asks can he control all the animals and the old man just said “I can control all animals but chickens are the best!” with a big smile expression. It looks so humourous and comical over the previous fighting scene.

               The final layer of the humour is parodic. Takeo Ischi performs a parody of a hero. Several years ago, his chicken yodeling that titled “New Bibi Hendl” is already famous on the internet as a meme. This chicken yodeling inspired the creator of the chicken attack video clip. The creator creates the old man with natural power, in this case, is using the power of the chicken yodeler. The song itself is not full of yodel like in the several years ago. The song combines lyrics, a music, a yodel, and a dialogue. It tells a parody of the power of the chicken yodeler to fight the evil. In the video, instead of looking like a hero, Takeo Ischi looks like a random breeder man who tries to protect people with a single chicken. The performance of Takeo Ischi in the chicken attack tries to mock the concept of a hero that is a person with a great power and a great struggle to pursue his goal, especially he can achieve his goal only around three minutes or less as a hero.

Craftsmanship or DIY Character

            According to Goriunova, DIY character is recursively connecting to the formalism and emotional base of simplicity touched upon above. The Chicken Attack video became a hit after PPAP from Japan. PPAP only uses the simplicity of white background and the act of the singer, on the contrary, the chicken attack uses a setting traditional Japanese house and a garden with some characters but it is still simple.

            The chicken attack with the Japanese setting in YouTube gets so many responses only a certain short of time after the PPAP became hits. The simplicity of Japanese culture in popular culture attracts so many audiences. Not of all the audiences know if the Japanese culture in the chicken attack has so much differentiation with the actual Japanese culture. In the chicken attack, audiences also enjoy the craftsmanship of the song. They enjoy it because the song has a mystic aura because of the yodel. The mystic thing that cannot be understood by science because of the different characteristic shows the oriental taste of Japan. This perception will make the audiences think if this song is originally from Japan because of the good craftsmanship, although the yodel itself originally came from the mountainous European area. The performance of the actors in the chicken attack also creates the Japanese aura because of the dialogue use Japanese and in a certain scene, they mention a city in Japan. The chicken attack successfully sculptures the idiocy using the Japanese culture to the audiences.


Finally, as a new form of modes of living, the new media idiocy in the chicken attack is a re-enaction of craftsmanship and performances of a certain group of people to show their creativity to sculpture a funny and catchy music video. By simply reproducing a traditional culture into a pop culture, the chicken attack reinterprets the traditional culture, knowledge, and its content. This reinterpretation is not only creating a fresh and funny culture but also creating a distortion or deceiving culture to the audiences that will not search the truth of the content in the music video.

If you as the audiences still feel not enough with the video clip of the chicken attack, there is the extended version. This is the link to go to the ten hours version:







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  1. Hello Alfons!

    I agree. Chicken attack is quite an interesting music video since it tries to mix yodeling with more “modern” music video elements. There is indeed a certain form of craftsmanship in the video and has quite an interesting sense of humor.

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