By Angelica Pascual

Meet 13-year old Danielle Bregoli.

a.k.a “Cash me ousside girl”

From: https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/nintchdbpict000299975528.jpg?strip=all&w=560&quality=100

Bregoli first appeared on The Dr. Phil Show last year, which was published on the show’s You Tube page on September 15, 2016, garnering over 30 million views. The uploaded segment was entitled, “13-Year-Old Says Mom Will Do Anything To Stop Her From Having Fun”.

Watch the video here:

The segment begins with a VTR of Bregoli narrating how her mother would mistreat her. She would threaten her, throw insults, attempt to hurt her and even curse at her, to which an insert is seen of her mother yelling, “Go ahead, go ahead, b*tch….” However, Bregoli admits that she herself can be violent as well, and has even punched her mother in the face once. What follows are more inserts of the mother and daughter bickering a la Kardashian style. Bregoli then says with a smile,  “I ran out (from home) four times in one day,  and the cops brought me back every time.” The VTR ends with Bregoli saying, “She wants me to be sent away. You want me in jail so bad, put me in jail”, with an insert of the 13-year old smoking a cigarette. It all seems like nobody would want to have Bergoli’s mother as their mom as she becomes antagonized in the video.

Dr. Phil opens the conversation by asking Bregoli what she thinks has contributed to her conflicted life. She responds, “I don’t behave and [I am] disrespectful,  I steal cars, I steal her credit cards…I ain’t gonna lie, there’s no reason to lie (and more words that I can no longer understand)”.  Dr. Phil takes notice of Bergoli’s unusual accent and asks her where she got it from, to which her mother agrees. Bregoli says that she got it from the streets. The conversation ensues regarding Bregoli ‘s stealing of cars, which she would reason out with how she can see the key and she knows where the car is located, therefore the owner is “asking for it”.

This is how the conversation goes as Dr. Phil continues to ask Bregoli to justify her stealing:

PHIL: What do you think is going to happen when you happen to steal somebody’s car that disagrees with that and decides that they’re gonna drop a hammer on you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law—

DANIELLE: Pffffff. Then I do my time in jail, jail ain’t nothin’ . That’s what I always do and they never catch me. Ain’t nobody go and catch me.PHIL: ‘Cause you’re too streetwise?

DANIELLE: Yep. And all these hoes laughin’ like [it’s] so funny.

MOTHER: She’s talking about the audience. That they’re laughing at her.

PHIL: Did…did you say that the “hoes are laughing”?


PHIL: So the audience are a bunch of “hoes”?


The audience applauds. It would seem just like any ordinary Dr. Phil show with a conflicted pair, and one of them having an attitude. However, it all changes once Bregoli shouts the very sentence that would make her an internet sensation.


PHIL: Huh?


PHIL: Catch you outside? What does that mean?

DANIELLE: What I just said!

Bregoli’s mother explains that her daughter meant to say that as sort of a threat, as if she were being challenged to a fight. Bergoli then stands up and asks her mother is she wants to “take this ousside”. Both Dr. Phil and her mother respond by demanding her to sit down.


A second video was uploaded on You Tube as a continuation to the previous segment. It delved deeper into Bergoli’s family, earning over 25 million views.

Watch the video here:

Apparently, Bregoli’s father had left her and her mother, and she has never heard from him ever since. It seems as if Bregoli is in a state of defensiveness as she would tend to avoid the questions Dr. Phil would ask her. Bregoli’s mother mentions that her not talking has always been her problem with the therapist. Dr. Phil affirms this by saying that Bregoli’s hostility towards these issues is her way of concealing how afraid and frustrated she is, and that she is clearly in pain with all of the things that happened to her family . Dr. Phil further mentions that Bregoli’s mother had cancer twice, and that she has had a good relationship with her mother. He also explains that Bregoli’s attitude is merely a defense mechanism to appear strong, which he says is like an “I-get-them-before-they-get-me attitude”. The overall vibe in the video seems more sensitive yet intimate, and more serious than the previous one.

 A screenshot of the segment posted on You Tube


After five months, another video was uploaded on You Tube, entitled “Tough-Talking Teen Danielle To Dr. Phil: ‘You Were Nothin’ Before I Came On This Show’ as a follow-up to Bregoli’s current situation.Dr. Phil mentions that Bregoli was sent to “Turn-About Ranch” as a form of rehabilitation, to keep her busy with the ranch life and expose her to a different environment. Bregoli seems to have changed a bit, having curled up hair and sporting a relatively more matured style compared to her previous appearance. Besides that, the Admissions Director, Shane Young, mentions that Bregoli has indeed changed since her stay in Turn-About Ranch, even acting as an example to the other people with her.

A screenshot of Bregoli’s latest appearance on Dr. Phil

Her accent, however, stayed the same. Bregoli’s mother tells her to share about people contacting her on social media. Bregoli mentions that she indeed experienced being bullied online especially for how she spoke to Dr. Phil, who then asks her if the attention that she gained from the internet has been good or bad for her. Bregoli replies, saying that it is both, to which she continues, “I guess what’s good for you is… I made you just like Oprah made you. You were nothin’ before I came on…”

Watch the video here:


Bregoli’s infamous words were further immortalized (hopefully not forever) as variations of memes flocked the internet. Netizens would poke fun at the unusual accent of Bregoli, even use it to reply to the most random questions.

From: https://i.imgflip.com/1i8wk6.jpg
From: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/209/807/747.jpghttp://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/209/807/747.jpg
From: https://pics.onsizzle.com/she-said-cash-me-outsideso-idroppedheroffatthe-atm-how-bow-dah-13399454.png

It even escalated to music remixes and dance covers by You Tube artists.


Cash Me Outside Trap Remix:




Catch me Outside How Bout Dat (Dance Video) by JMoney 1041:


And it does not stop at that, since Bergoli would appear on music videos, such as “Everything 1K” with hiphop artist Kodak Black. She would also get invited to appear in parties, radio shows and even do product placements on social media. She has done product placements for Fit Tea and Postmates on her Instagram and You Tube accounts. According to maxim.com, celebrities and other notable personalities with as many as 200,000 followers on Instagram are able to earn up to $7500 for product placement and up to $50,000 on just one post. As of now, Bregoli has 8.1 million followers (How bow dah??). More to this is that apparently, TMZ reported that Hollywood producers are planning a reality show that would star Bregoli and her mother.


Watch “Everything 1K” here:


Watch Bregoli’s product placement for Fit tea on her You Tube page  here:


A product placement for Postmates.


To the surprise of many, Snapchat has even created a “Cash me ousside”-themed Bitmoji.

Photo from: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2017-01/26/16/asset/buzzfeed-prod-fastlane-01/sub-buzz-25015-1485466191-2.png


Wait… There is more. Merchandise. There are even “Cash me ousside how bow dah” merchandise sold on the internet as a nod to the internet sensation.

A selection of “Cash me ousside” merchandise from Etsy.com

CASH Her Ousside, Anytime, Anywhere

According to TheSun.com, Bregoli and her mother  caused a scene last February 7 on a Spirit Airlines flight over their carry-on bags in the overhead locker, leading Bregoli and her mother to fight with a woman who called Barbara Ann a “whore”, spat at them, and, according to Bregoli, attempted to hurt her mother.

with mom
Bregoli with her mother, Barbara Ann

Another occurrence was last February 28. Bregoli was allegedly involved in a pub brawl all because a woman caught her attention and told the 13-year old that she was out past her curfew.

Apparently, a number of netizens are raising their eyebrows on the sudden fame of Bregoli and how convenient these news reports have been. For instance, two days right after Bregoli’s alleged fight on the Spirit Airlines flight, the “Everything 1K” music video with Kodak Black was launched. Last March 8, according to Heat Street, Bregoli had uploaded a photo that mentions her Instagram being hacked. However, it seems to be a clear case of a  publicity stunt.


“It’s just something that happened, you know! I can’t control it” says Bregoli in an ambush interview with TMZ when they asked for her thoughts on her sudden fame

With all these, I just had a few questions in mind, starting with this: How can that girl even manage to possibly earn millions of dollars, appear on several shows television and radio shows, and most of all, ride a limousine while being escorted by bodyguards? So if I talk funny now, will I get the same attention and opportunities? What ever did I do when I was her age? Is this how 13-year olds act and dress nowadays? (sheesh)

What Would Goriunova Say?

The segment was posted 6 months ago, and yet more and more memes, as well as opportunities for Bregoli continue to appear. Clearly, it has become widely popular not just because of Bregoli’s accent, but perhaps also because of her unusual behavior and utmost personality that does not seem very common for a 13-year old.

On page 225 of Olga Goriunova’s article, “New Media Idiocy”, she says, “Idiocy is about gathering and crafting ‘rubbish’ that does not give answers or that has direct access to truth, but that enquires and stages encounters with the real through its force of insignificant, false and preposterous doings.”

While most of us could say that Danielle Bregoli had merely become what Daniel Boorstin would call a “human pseudo-event”, or “a person who is known for his well-knownness”, more can actually be said about Bregoli if Goriunova’s argument is applied.

First of all, Bregoli’s viral segment on Dr. Phil, even the numerous products and appearances she has had can be applied to Goriunova’s three elements as seen on page 228. To recall, Goriunova mentions simplicity, humor and crafstsmanship.

Simplicity can clearly be seen in the segment that had supposedly meant to televise a mother and daughter conversing with Dr. Phil about an issue surrounding them. Again, it would seem just like any other episode of Dr. Phil, with its usual format and its usual vibe from the show.

Yet the element of humor joins in once Bregoli unleashes her spunky and rebellious attitude, and most of all, her unusual accent. Here, we can apply all three folds of humor presented by Goriunova in her article as well. Laughter is instantly heard from the audience (further escalated to netizens who have seen parody videos as well as memes circulating around the internet.) Next, though the “Cash me ousside how bow dah” meme draws seemingly negative, or rather, annoyed reaction from netizens, it still brings vital joy in the form of entertainment to those who see these memes and videos.  Of course it is also parodic because of Bregoli’s accent (is that even her real accent?)

Lastly, craftsmanship or a DIY character is instantly created in Bregoli.She connects the audience to the street savvy youth, those who most people would associate the words “gangsta”, “swag”, and “yolo” with. If I may say so myself, those from the Traditional Generation as well as Generation X would probably mistake Bregoli as a representative of the Millenial Generation. However, that is also what could add up to her DIY character. Just like the ‘Guitar’ man, the “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” man, and many more, Bregoli’s character is one that is raw and caught in the moment—at least for her segment on Dr. Phil.

If we delve deeper into analyzing the sensationalism of Bregoli, it confirms Goriunova’s argument that though it may seem too simple to the point of being “idiotic”, it actually has quite a lot to say to the readers, as well as the television and social media audiences. As Goriunova puts it, “it is a mode of living that explores the true through the false”. Perhaps Bregoli’s emergence to the spotlight is a reflection of an out-of-school youth, knowing that Bregoli had stopped her schooling in the seventh grade. In a way, it seems parodic, but at the same time, is like a slap-in-the-face for young viewers who prioritize more things other than their studies. As they would say, “Be careful what you wish for”. In fact, the reaction of netizens to the way Bregoli spoke is somehow reminiscent of the Filipinos’ reaction to the rise of the so-called “Jejemon” and the “Jeje language” circa 2010. Just like the netizen’s reaction to the “Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah” meme, Filipinos were not quite open to the “Jeje language”, and memes as well as parodic posts and videos would even be posted online to mock the said language.

From: http://www.i.imgflip.com/1ihyu3y.jpg
From: http://www.media.makeameme.org

Cash More Of Her, How Bow Dah?

“In fact, the individuation general idiocy offers has only recently gained power and became a very successful way to concretize a collective movement: to be heard politically; to concretize an object of achieving media attention; to individuate the human and to experience her individuation through expression, and so on.” (Goriunova, p.232)

Again, the question that continues to be asked is, “Why her?” together with “What is it about her that makes her so popular amongst netizens, even if their reception of her is not as positive?”

This brings us back to all the kinds of exposures that Bregoli has had: from music video appearances, radio show guestings, numerous articles posted, and even (rumored) plans from Hollywood producers on creating a reality television show for her. This could most likely scream profit for these, yet if we think about it, what if there were no other offers given to Bregoli for any of these? What if they were never interested? What more could be this thought: what if Dr. Phil never invited Bregoli and her mother again after the therapy, which makes her truly just like any other guest who had just appeared on Dr. Phil’s show for a short while, only to be forgotten by the audience, and will only just be a portion of the greater arena of the show?

As Goriunova says on page 230:

“Even the recently overused term ‘participation’ can be usefully applied here: new media idiocy is produced through craftful participation, a participation that is not summed up by one or two clicks, but is compositional, conceptual and performative itself.”

We can see here that the media has a huge hand in the longevity of Bregoli’s popularity, and will, of course, even continue to do so (for Pete’s sake) if they do push through with a reality television show. The memes could stop anytime, yet if the media continues to talk about her, write about her, even follow her every move, then that means that she will continue to exist in peoples minds for as long as she is still visible to them, and who else could make her visible but the media.

Now, how bow dah?







2 thoughts on “Well…HOW BOW DAH???

  1. Hi Angelica

    I guess this is a perfect example of new media idiocy. I actually followed this story because Danielle Bregoli use of strong language caught my attention. I find her story very interesting because she represent any teenager going into rebellious stage. She was so wild that her mom went to Dr.Phil to addressed the problem. The episode of Dr.Phil became viral because people find Danielle’s street accent “Cash me outside how bow dah?” funny. As explained by her mom it’s actually “catch me outside how about that” is in fact a challenge.

    The meme world definitely found it’s new target. Usually confrontational videos wouldn’t even gain traction because people often find it too dramatic and extreme. Yet strange enough Danielle gained an unexpected fame from her infamous visit to Dr. Phil. She even gained million of followers in instagram in such a short span of time. Popular youtube/vine stars even invited her for a short video/skit. She even had TV guestings. I guess her outrageous behavior work for her advantage. It is surprising to see that literally anything can be instafamous just do something strange that people will find funny.

    Great topic btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Angelica,

    Great and interesting topic!

    I have been cringing at every sight of this girl’s memes and videos, and I will never understand why she became popular for character. I don’t find it funny, and I will never do.

    I appreciate that you wrote about her backstory, the reason why she has been acting defensive to her mom and the people around her. Indeed, painful filial events can really cause damage to a person’s once charming character. But then again, it still depends on how mature a person will handle his/her future, and I commend those who rather choose the better ‘path’ of succeeding in life rather than being a fake ghetto-ish teenager.

    ‘Nakatiyamba’ lang talaga siguro si Danielle, that her actions amused millions of people. She’s still 13, and I hope she will learn class as she grow older.

    Liked by 1 person

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