Man vs Food

By Jianne Piguing





I bet everyone loves food, right? And if you love food, you would savor every bite of it.

Some eat food like it’s an experience and sometimes they travel for that, and then along with the experience, they document it. Some just like to eat normal food but with documentation.  People can eat food however they like, of course.

If you love food and challenges, maybe it crossed your mind to participate in one or thought about trying it when you saw that sign in a restaurant or a fast-food chain, “eat within 10 minutes, then its free!” and then they’d usually reward you with something or hang your face on their “wall of fame”. If you don’t get to finish the food challenge, you pay the normal price.


Familiar with this guy?


I remember watching him eat food from different places and accepting food challenges. His name is Adam Richman from the American Television series “Man vs Food”.  The First episode was aired around 2008 and then the last episode was 2012. I’m not going to focus on him, I only thought about him because recently, I’ve been watching Youtube videos of people eating an ENORMOUS amount of food and accepting challenges. Although I’d still be entertained if ever I come across an episode of this on TV.

This is an episode of him wherein he goes to New York City and tries the famous deli place where a scene from Harry Met Sally took place, Katz’s Deli.


Man v Food S01 E09 New York

1:13 – 6:40



Going back, I mentioned earlier that I’ve been watching people eat huge amount food whenever I’m bored and I usually watch the videos which have the most views. If I stay up late or when I want to starve myself at 2 or 3 am, I watch these guys eat:

Person #1:

chow 1.png

Yuka Kinoshita is a Japanese YouTuber and competitive eater.

She eats a huge amount of food, the setting is usually at her home and sometimes she cooks what she eats. You can’t imagine how this skinny girl can eat a whole kaldero (or more) and not get fat. Even though I’ve been watching her since last year, I still wonder where she keeps all the food that she eats. How do you not get bloated or fat???

Currently, she has about 2,832,125 Youtube Subscribers and most of her videos reach up to 9 millions viewers. She also accepts challenges from her viewers.


This is her most viewed eating challenge:

Kinoshita Yuka [OoGui Eater] Dangerously HOT Korean Instant Noodles

Which has 9 million views



She usually eats a big bowl of rice with meat and sides.  Her videos show many kilos the bowl is, all in all before she dives into it. She doesn’t time herself, you just watch her finish that big bowl and be amazed how she always finish her food… and still look hungry.

With rice edition:

【MUKBANG】 Rice Bowl with Boiled Eggs, 30 Eggs! 5.7Kg, 8632kcal | Yuka [Oogui]

chow3 .png


I also watch her eating competitions:

OOGUI 2013 番外編 大食いナデシコが行く 4and people

chow 4.png


From the comment section:


I guess this is also why she has a lot of viewers. She is really known to eat a huge amount of food but still look like she’s enjoying it because she takes her time that’s why her videos are long.  Her homemade videos have more views than her competitions. Mostly she eats rice meals or order Mcdo, the whole menu times 2. She eats whatever, may it be fast food or a really spicy food. She’s up for any food challenge and she’ll still look “kawaii” on her videos while eating. She makes her videos cute as well, because of the sound effects and some simple editings like putting captions or photos.


Person #2: 

chow 5

Matt “Megatoad” Stonie is an American competitive eater and is the number two ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating. He currently has 2,472,861 Youtube subscribers and his most viewed video in Youtube reached almost 16 million views. The difference between him and Person #1 is that he is known to eat a huge amount of food within a span of time. He always has a timer with him or sometimes he uses his phone as a timer and then shows it to the screen while shoves the food on his face.



His most viewed video with almost 16 million views:

Massive Ice Cream Sundae Challenge (11,000 Calories)

chow 6.png


And this is his a video of him in a Hot dog eating contest:

Matt Stonie Upsets Joey Chestnut at 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest | LIVE 7-4-15

chow 7.png

This video garnered around 2 million views. In this video, he shoves hot dogs on his face. He eats the hotdog and bread separately, not how you normally eat a hot dog. He also does weird gestures whenever he eats fast. Maybe that’s what makes this video entertaining, besides showing people your talent in eating. He is known for making homemade videos too wherein sometimes his friends are part of the eating challenge at home.

He is known for making homemade videos too wherein sometimes his friends are also part of the eating challenge. He also weighs the food he is about to eat and he puts a timer on while he eats. He eats fast, unlike person #1 who has time to talk and appreciate the food she’s eating. He eats at a fast phase or as fast as he can without puking or anything. He just stands or sits there and eat his food with a timer. He gets millions of views for that.


Olga Goriunova’s New Media Idiocy

“In new media idiocy, sorrow can hardly be found.

The happy idiot is a non-dangerous, friendly idiot

whose performance is discovered and greeted

instantly through the networks,

by the multitudes.”

I heard somewhere in the eating competition videos that this is called a “sport” and therefore competitive eaters have a talent and this is eating a huge amount of food more than the usual. These types of videos are usually from “professionals” like these two people I mentioned here and because they are “talented”, they have a lot of viewers. I think they have already proved themselves on their past videos and that is why viewers like me keep coming back to their pages to be entertained.

I deem this as something ‘idiotic’ because when you think about it, you are just watching someone eat but then since because they can eat more than you or more than you can imagine, you get hooked.

“On a different scale, the mumbling,

instant, repetitive, easy, playful, junk, worthless

creativity that is expressed in new media idiocy

is a creativity that has not yet been

individuated, or is in the process of,

being concretized.”

It’s creative in a way because these people can do things for their viewers. Like accepting challenges from the subscribers and eat things that might affect their health. They just do the same thing over and over, eating. It’s their job to keep things interesting for the viewers so they keep doing things like eating spicy food or mixing weird combinations and force themselves to eat the whole thing. It’s repetitive but people still watch it like they’re looking at something bizarre.

These eating videos contain the 3 elements:

  1. Simplicity

The videos don’t have special effects or some sort of story that requires you to think. You just watch the person eat.

2. Humour

There are times wherein they make jokes while they eat or when something drops on the floor that distracted them. Sometimes they just look funny while they eat.

3. Craftsmanship/DIY character

They are all homemade videos. They just use a camera to film themselves, no extravagant editing or script. They just set up their cameras and then eat.

There are also local videos on eating challenges that gets a lot of views like the videos I posted here. Even though there are a lot of people doing this eating challenge, people still watch this kind of videos like it’s something new and amazing. People nowadays treat eating a lot as a “talent” which I think is something ‘idiotic’. Since this eating challenge is still a thing, I think some people will use this tactic to gain followers or be known for something.


3 thoughts on “Man vs Food

  1. Hi Jianne,

    Interesting topic! Confession: I’ve been watching Yuka Kinoshita videos for over a year now, and it keeps on bothering me how she manages her health. She looks pale in her videos, and I wonder if it’s the make up or overeating is making her unhealthy.

    “It’s creative in a way because these people can do things for their viewers. Like accepting challenges from the subscribers and eat things that might affect their health. They just do the same thing over and over, eating. ”

    To be honest, I used to think that competitive eating is fine, basta with proper moderation. But today, these Youtubers (Yuka mostly) are doing it on a daily basis. Because their fans are hooked, and they get views, they get money. I just hope that they do not overlook their health, besides, what is a huge following plus Youtube money if your health is suffering.


  2. OMG I also love watching Yuki Kanushita videos. I think this trend in Korea is called “mukbang.” Some people who eat in front of a live video session are even paid by the audience, that’s why they are encouraged to wolf down more food.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Jianne!

    Your blog indeed made me really hungry 😦 I want a burger right now 😦

    Anyway, I agree with you that this can be an example of new media idiocy because of its simplicity. For me, people would never hate this because this is about food and everybody loves food!

    It’s really entertaining to see them add “challenges” in eating food.


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