Status: In a Relationship with My “Hand” (Idiocy in Keisuke Jinushi and her imaginary Girlfriend)

By: Ruru Gonzales

Back in my college days (that was 2 years ago), when I was already thinking of happy thoughts because I have a paper to finish that was due on the next day. I was browsing my news feed on Facebook to escape from the stress on the paper that I’ve been working on that time. I needed happy thoughts that time for me to think clearly. For me, Facebook that time was tool to release stress. So while browsing on the Facebook posts of my friends and relatives, there’s is this page that I followed because of its humorous links or posts and was really funny. That page was 9gag. 9gag posted a meme with a caption, “ Moso Kanojo (Imaginary Girlfriend)”. When I clicked and saw the link from the post shared by the said page, at first, I laughed and at the same time find it weird then eventually, for me, it is really idiotic or stupid but then you’ll realize the sad truth in it.


In the image shown, at the left, an instagram post of a guy named Keisuke Jinushi, a freelance photographer and writer in Japan and who was on that time, 28 year old, was on a date with his girlfriend. The image depicted a hand of a lady feeding Keisuke and wiping ketchup from his face. Here’s the funny thing on that post: the hand of the lady on the image posted by Keisuke was actually Keisuke himself. On the right side, was the behind the scene images on how Keisuke performed his posts and selfies by him alone. Funny right? The post of Keisuke which was posted at 9gag, went viral on the said website  and on Facebook ,  with almost 16 thousand likes, 677 comments, and 701 shares.


There are a lot of it from his Instagram account. And on his own book  entitled with the same caption from his first post “ Moso Kanjo (Imaginary Girlfriend)”.  Illustrates his illusion of a world full of love, excitement and success on the right side of his success. But on the second half,  he reveals a lonely reality. In an interview with Keisuke , he wants to make people think thathe has fulfilling  life and  wanted others to become evious. He wants to boost about life with his friends but she was not ivnited at first plavs. In taking selfies, His “selfie kit” includes nail polish , liquid foundation, cosmetic powder, nail-polish  remover, cleanser,wig an a scratchy.

According to Keisuke,”

“The key to a good photogtaph is to smile but you  need to feign a bit of       self-consciousness because your gilrfrend is taking the photo.”

Here are some of his notable photos:







According to Olga Goriunova, a scholar and curator in the fields of digital media arts and cultures, and now currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at University of Warwick, in her work, New Media Idiocy, that: “ Idiocy is about gathering and crafting rubbish’ that does not give answers or that has direct  access to truth, but  that enquires and stages encounters with the real through its force of insignificant, false and preposterous doings.”. She mentioned in her paper that there are three elements in new media idiocy that can analyze the virality of this lonely- dating master, Keisuke Jinushi.  Goriunova analyzes the video, “Guitar” which became viral in Russia and gave the artist the title of being a Russian singing sensation. The  video that Goriunova analyzes is really idiotic but why it became viral? Here are the three elements that according to Goriunova was the key to the video, Guitar’s virality:


It is simple because as what Goriunova have said, “ the certain naivety that allows a non-professional to speak.”. With the lonely-dating master, He simply speak to what he feels that he is alone by  posting an image of him having a date with only a girl-like hand. But in reality, he just mock a girl’s hand with his right hand and pretend he has a girlfriend. Keisuke’s way of posting his illusion that he’s in a relationship and convey that he’s alone. In a blog posted at TechBlog, “Japanese Photographer Shows ‘ Forever Alone’ Guys how to take self portraits, Awkardness Ensues, Keizuke’s post is,

“ an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life”


At the first fold of humour, Keisuke provides the users the laughter on his posts because of he was able to take a picture of his own hand and make it unrecognizable that it is a “real” girl. Same with Goriunova’s analysis on the Guitar video, it became viral and has taken a lot of comedic responses among 9GAG’s subscribers. The second fold is that Keisuke was able to give vital joy to the viewers because it was able to make its viewers particularly to those who are single to relate. The third and the last fold of humour, was its parodic layer because the viewers make fun out of his post.

Craftsmanship or a Do-It-Yourself characteristics

The post by Keisuke was obviously a Do-it-Yourself charactertistic. He just used his own hands and take a selfie mocking that she has a girlfriend. Using only his phone just make it look like a real relationship. Using his selfie photography skills, and his right hand making it a hand of a girl he was able to sustain Craftsmanship.

Goriunova stresses that Idiocy does not really equal stupidity. Idiocy is a mode of living that explores the true through the false. Stupidity is base thinking while idiocy is a noble craftsmanship of modes of living. Idiocy in New Media is false but not imitated and also materialist in technical aspect of media. It problematizes the mechanization and exposure of subjectification; it is light and funny, but also has a dark in what it conveys through its behaviour: the trouble of human condition.

In relation to new media idiocy, the post of Keisuke, was actually conveying a message that Japanese people like Kaesuke already needs  a woman in their life but until today, they can’t even have a girl because of the low population of the Japanese men. Keisuke’s post, is somehow related to other Japanese men ando other nations who still searching for love.

The meme went viral last 2013 and until now these memes from Keisuke  images were being used when somebody posted a status and  they  put ”hugots” to it and still the big part to its longetivity is media. Last Valentines, it became a trend once again but for me, it is already less funny because of the truth that it explores.



Goriunova, O. (2012). New Media Idiocy. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 223-235.






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