The King of Catwalk

More often than not, based on the definitions available in the internet, WOMEN wear High-heeled footwear (or often abbreviated as high heels or simply heels) to give them aesthetic illusion of longer and more slender legs. High heels come in a wide variety of styles, and the heels are found in many different shapes, including stiletto, pump, block, tapered, blade, and wedge. But for a guy to wear a pair high heels? It is so weird and unusual… Unless you are part of the The Men in Heels. A benefit running completion wearing heels to help raise funds and awareness for the Latimer House, which helps fight domestic violence providing emergency shelter and vital services to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

For the last few weeks, certain Sinon Loresca or also known as Rogelia,  a Filipino comedian got the attention of everyone on social media no only on the Philippines, but internationally after uploading a video doing his own Miss Universe catwalk in the sassiest manner possible wearing a pair of high heels.

Loresca, based on the report of (, a London-based openly gay model and noontime TV actor comedian, delivers his killer catwalk skills wearing a sporty trunks and a pair of 6-inch high heels and showing his 6-pack abs and overly toned muscular body to show his all-out support for 2016 Miss Universe Philippines candidate Maxine Medina using a camera phone. At the end of the more than a minute amateur video, Loresca heard saying, “Maxine Medina, 26, Philippines!” Medina represented the Philippines and finished in the top 6 of the 65th Miss Universe pagent held in Manila in January. Honestly, my initial reaction upon seeing this video on Facebook was “‘how idiotic!’ This is an instinctive response to some of the most popular YouTube videos, pictures forwarded through Facebook or entertaining websites linked to by blogs according to Olga Goriunova (Goriunova, P1)

As of writing this blog, this particular video has seventy-eight thousand, six hundred sixty-three (78,663) views on his personal Instagram account and seven million, two hundred five thousand, five hundred fifty-nine (7,205,559) views and one hundred thirteen thousand, two hundred sixty-eight (113,268) shares on his personal Facebook account. Recently, about two month ago, 9Gag, a popular online platform and social media website where users upload and share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites shares Loreca’s viral video on their Facebook account and garnered more than twenty-nine (29)  million views and two hundred four thousand, three hundred fifty-four (204,354) shares.

Besides with the numbers, one of the interesting part of this video is the comment box:

Jhen L Palgan:  “Repentance is the most important to us….it is End time …sana you will think that walang puwang sa Panginoon ang mga bakla at mga tomboy…read the bible if I was telling lie….mga kapated hinde pa huli ang lahat…may time pa para magbago please.”

Jewel Bharaty: Wow Simon you walk and pose much better than the woman…..! Me been a woman I can’t walk on those height heels and look at you!!!

Jean Pierre Chalouhi: “I am sure he has not read the Bible nor the old nor the new testament and surely he is not filled with God’s spirit of truth, may all those like him and those supporting him get revealed the truth of Almighty God, God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and open thy hearts”

Desiree Porosuelo: “Galing mo ! Kaw nalang ang Kaya ang magturo sa mga miss universe Kung paano maglakad o magpost? Ikaw nalang Sana ang nag choreography sa beauty pageant. Infairness mas gugustuhin ko pang kaibiganin ang mga bakla kasi sila yong totoo magsalita, masaktan kaman sa sa sabihin Nila sayo atleast sila

nagpapakatotoo. Kaya yan mga bakla in sakin.”

Hadassah Dorsca:Matakot ka sa sarili mo! You are not funny…neither anything you think you are…be D MAN GOD create you be…in the mighty name of JESUS…amen”

After his remarkable and viral catwalk stunt in late January 2017, Loresca posted another amateur video on his Facebook and Instagram accounts captioned “My first walk as Miss Universe,” and does 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach walk, wherein he wore an evening gown, blowing some kisses for his followers to express his gratitude and appreciation over the positive feedback he received and for making his videos trend worldwide. This particular video currently garnered sixty-six thousand, four hundred thirty-six (66,436) views on Instagram, five hundred fifty-one thousand, eight hundred sixty-one (551,861) views and four thousand, six hundred twenty-one shares on Facebook.

Same as on the previous videos, comments box is very entertaining and I think also contributed to the viral-ness of Loresca’s videos.

Tiên Nguyễn: “OMG…I really like you! Can you tell me where you live, which city…and I would like to meet you! You are incredible! I live in Mandaluyong city and hope it is very near to where you stay!”

Roel Medez: “Miss Sinon Loresca wag Kang magalit sa commento ko .wala kanabang ma isip nah bagong gagawin puro nalang bah ganyan midyo nakakasawa ka na kasi .I know you have a lot of talent gumawa ka naman ng bago wag Yong puro ganyan.”

Yzan Villareal:Queen rogelia, pakagat SA abs! Ang cute mo!!! Sana Makita Kita in person. Thanks SA good vibes… Nawawala homesick ko Dito sa Singapore kapag dumadaan ka SA newsfeed ko. Aliw na aliw ako habang pinapanood ko mga videos mo.”

Gerald Generoso: “PUBLIC SCANDAL yang ginagawa mo bes….. ingat ka sa sunod bka damputin ka nlang” 

Rachel Yambao: “Kahit maulan pa walang nakapigil s pag rampa… Ikaw lang talaga ang nakakagawa niyang mapasaya lang ang mga fans mo ikaw na talaga ang nagiisang rogelia ang aming miss u…”


In a separate Facebook post, Loresca posted a message: “Nakakaiyak sa saya, hindi po biro ang gumawa ng mga masasayang videos, para mapasaya ang karamihan… Pero ang pumalo ng 3 million views ang video mo sa loob ng isang araw, ay nakakataba ng puso, (I am filled with tears of joy; making happy videos to make people happy is not a joke. But when your video pulls off 3 million views in one day, it fattens the heart),”

Meanwhile, this video has eight hundred ninety-five thousand, two hundred twelve (895,212) view and seven thousand, eighty-five (7,085) shares. 9Gag share the video and received more than five Milion (5+++) views and thirteen thousand, six hundred seventy-four (13,674) shares on its Facebook account.

***Popcorn, please

Aris Viado: Antiporda Grabe ha oo entertainer k pero wag naman sa ganyan lugar. Ok n sana sa subd.oh kaya sa hotel mo ginawa dami mga bata diyan d kb nahihiya sa ginawa mo. Pinaglalaruan kna ng mga tao diyan eh. Nka gwa kna nga ng trending n video nung nag swimwear k kaso n over kna masyado

Alija Johayna Dumamba Bagis: “I’ve been a fan since your London days… my fave was your video Re: Fish sauce! I’m so happy about your success and I continue to brag about how my daily dosage of pampa good vibes is making rounds in the international arena. Keep it up Sinon Loresca”


Gina Lingan:Ok pa cia nung una pa labas nia sa Kalyeserye as Rogelio3x gusto qoh cia, pero ngaun msyado na ciang O.A…!!! Hnd na nkakatuwa…!!! Ilagay nman sna sa tamang lugar pgging hyper niA…!!! 😠 ..O.A na OVER..!!!!” 


Melchor Tezon Rondina: “Stress reliever in a moody world… this VIDEO IS MUCH BETTER THAN POSTING CRIME AND VIOLENCE , disaster OR TYPING AMEN(which is hypocrisy)well done dude.”


Good Doodle Go Sinon Loresca straight guy ako pero idol kita hahaha aztig mo dont mind those negative minds basta happy ka ok yun and nakakapagpasaya ka sa pamamagitan ng mga vids mo keep it up flex those muscle in the runway


Koolregit Onatsep Rosales bakla nakakasuka ka tingnan hindi bagay sayo.gumagawa kalang ng paraan para mapansin sa publik ang sagwa mo”


In terms of humor, everyone who watched Loresca’s viral videos cannot contain their laughter because he is natural comedian. Like Peter Nalitch’s “The Guitar,” Loresca’s videos are also wrapped into three folds of humor—Laughter, vital Joy and Parodic.  The first one is

Laughter. The video is very comic. Although the purpose of the video is serious, to support Miss Universe candidate Maxine Medina, and he looks serious in doing a catwalk, he is exaggerating the walk and turns which is very funny because it looks perfect and natural. The second is its vital joy, the natural charisma and funny gestures of Lorecas is joyous. The third layer is parodic, he perfectly impersonated the the walk, gestures and styles of real beauty queens but he performs it with a bit of exaggerated emotions to make it fun. In terms of DIY characteristics of his videos, everyone can relate on how the videos were captured and recorded using cellular phone or amateur camera, unstable and out of angle shots, relaying on natural light or flash of the camera.


Appeal wise, there is no doubt that Loresca’s videos are indeed very funny, entraining and unique. It reflects on the analytics in terms of the number of views, shares, comments and feedbacks, and attention the given by local and international media and creative firms. In fact, after Loresca’s Miss Universe catwalk became an internet sensation, he has been invited to guess on the popular US-based television show “The Doctors.” An Emmy award-winning, hour long  daytime talk show program hosted by ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon showing video clips, celebrity interviews and health news, plus healthy recipes, giveaways, and helpful tips.


On his Instagram, Loresca proudly shared and posted a copy of the official invite from the staff of “The Doctors”


Locally, GMA 7’s Magpakailanman features his story titled “Ang rampa ng buhay ko: The Sinon Loresca Jr. Story.” It trumped ABS-CBN’s Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids (YFSF) to the second to take the number one spot with 24.5% based on the  research conducted by AGB Nielsen NUTAM survey for the March 2-5, 2015 period. Magpakailanman, hosted by 24 Oras anchor Mel Tiangco is a weekly drama anthology featuring the life experiences of famous personalities, and ordinary people who loved and lost on their way to success.

To date, Loresca appeared in several TV programs of GMA 7 and GMA News TV 11, such as Mars, a female talk show that gives viewers fresh, fun, and intelligent conversation for hosted by hosted by celebrity moms Suzi Entrata-Abrera and Camille Prats; Dear Uge, an afternoon comedy-anthology show starring Eugene Domingo where she features different funny love stories; Full House Tonight, a newest comedy musical variety show hosted by no other than Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid; and People vs. the Stars, a weekly late afternoon game show hosted by Iya Villania-Arellano and Drew Arellano  guesting celebrities to play for a chance to win two hundred thousand pesos (PHP 200,000.00) via a variety of eight (8) mind-boggling questions with respective cash values. Loresca also seen in several mainstream movies sucha as Bakit lahat ng guwapo may boyfriend?!  and Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers, both in 2016


There is no doubt that both mass media and new media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) are the responsible for Loresca’s popularity and viral videos.  On social media, especially on Facebook, his videos have been shared, copied and spread across all social platforms in just a day. 9Gag, with thirty-four million, nine hundred ninety-three thousand, nine hundred ninety-five (34,993,995) Facebook flowers also contributed a lot with the popularity of Loresca. On Facebook in particular, video going viral means that a post has generated or garnered a great amount of attention, responses and activities in the terms of a huge number of likes, shares and comments. On the other hand, through mass media (Television, radio and print), Loresca’s consistent exposure in entertainment news such as 24 Oras’ Chika Minute, tabloids and TV program like Eat Bulaga, the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc. and currently aired by GMA Network tickles the curiosity of the viewers. Loresca, based on the article of Inquirer, portrayed the role of Rogelia, a gay guy version of a Rogelio (bodyguards) who is willing to apply as new bodyguard for Lola Nidora (Played by Wally Bayola). Nidora initially thought of him as a muscular man much like the rest of the Rogelios, until Lola Tinidora (played by Jose Manalo) drops a metal tray which made him shocked, revealing his gay personality.

Personally, I do not find most of his videos funny or even entertaining. I don’t following him on social media or even playing his videos unless they are already viral and being features in the news because of curiosity. Although it is very obvious that the videos are scripted and recorded exaggeratedly just for fun and to attract attention and make people laugh, I cannot see the purpose, sense and logic for publishing those kind videos except for trying so hard to be famous.

Christian Mano



2 thoughts on “The King of Catwalk

  1. Hi Cris,

    At first, it was really fun watching his videos. But after some time, I got bored and tired of it. Yes we got his point that men can also wear heels and can really work it but hey, all his videos are just him walking in heels. I don’t really get the point. The only important thing in his video is that we could really see his emotions while doing the act. You can see that he really is happy with what he is doing and I think that’s important. He did not ask us to like him or whatsoever. Maybe he uploaded it so that he will have a digital footprint. Nice topic, Chris!


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